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Baltik Sistem Ltd was established back in 1994.

We are modern and fast- moving business in the logistics area. Our trucks deliver cargos to Russian Federation from such countries like Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and other European Union states. Our car park contains 40 DAF, SCANIA trucks as well as KRONE and SCMITZ semi-trailers capacity of which reaches 92 m3, 100 m3 as well as 6 trucks with trailers of the capacity of 117 m3.

Our general car park is well-equipped with GPS monitoring system that enables us to obtain the most accurate location details and provide our clients with information of where their cargo is at the certain moment. This helps us to keep a non-stop communication with our drivers who transport the cargo.

In our car park we also have got vehicle that are well- equipped in accordance with ADR Convention & Treaties.

Our company drivers have obtained a license that allows them to carry dangerous cargos as well as they are qualified professional drivers holding 95 code driving license.    

Managing our business, our company pays a great attention to the client needs, information exchange, understanding a common goal and work towards achieving it. We are result-oriented, effective business negotiators and our great value lays in human relationship.

Our advantages when delivering cargo from European Union to Russia are as follows:

·         Own transport;

·         Long- term contracts with a group of companies and (SME) small and medium enterprises that entrust us to supply their cargos, and ADR;

·          Opportunity to provide complex services that refer to cargo transportation, warehousing (storage), cargo distribution;

·         GPS monitoring system;

·         Competitive prices for cargo delivery from European countries to Russia;

·         Individual approach to each client;

·         Professionalism 

SIA "Baltik sistēm"

Our location, Celtniecības 1, Līvāni, Līvānu novads, Latvija, LV-5316
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